Intro: why is programming hard?!

This not gonna be your typical tech blog post.
Or another way to say Welcome! to all the fellow sufferers out there! ; )


Who's speaking here? Not important. Really. A negligible fact. A nobody. A fellow sufferer. :)

Programming is hard. . ! - They said

But who are they?! - I dare to ask.

Also... what part of programming is hard?

Or: is programming hard or your lack of focus helps it be harder?

Or maybe even: you are chronically tired: physically, maybe of life as well - how would you expect to do programming, a somewhat creative activity when distressed and disinterested?

Programming is... ?

Programming is easy. Or?

A better def: Programming is just as easy (or hard) as life itself. There are ups and downs. It comes crashing down and it's sometimes exhilarating. My programming is probably not your programming. And if it's hard or not, bleak or exciting depends on the context. And also on how we view and deal with this context. But here's the one common truth on both programming and life: nobody knows what the heck is really going on.

In the end it turns out the only thing you can get to know really well.. is (maybe) yourself (only if you get down to it). So, it can be easy (about programming): just follow the happy-life rule:

  1. OK life: get some normality to feel ok on everyday basis (that's a bit of a long topic...)
  2. have some interest in it (e.g. a programming goal, sth cool to code?)
  3. lay out a Simple, non-ambitious plan with steps-to-do;
  4. try doing it and don't expect much from yourself
    • when you hit a bump (you will) - ask for help or reach the solution in some other way
    • (try to) enjoy the process and the final result (it will not be what you expected)
  5. stay humble
  6. if fail - think, change, repeat, stay humble and either keep up or ditch it altogether (that is fine!)
    • (if fail but still interested) take a break, get back to it (but no hard pushing here!!!)... get back in a bit different way, when refreshed (feels better?)
    • when success (and if it's enjoyable / fulfilling) - do more, expand and have more fun
  7. share if you can - have sth for the closest people to you - it's always sweeter :)
  8. rest & relax & enjoy life!
    • none of this (programming of yours) matters (that much) in the grand scheme of things!

And a few more friendly tips: Damn perfection!! Have fun! Forget haste. Stay humble! Make yourself happy! Make others (the important ones) happy.

And don't take any of this shit too seriously. ;}


Let's talk about JavaScript!

JavaScript is one of the most awesome lanugages ever created! It is odd, yes. It can drive you crazy, true. It also is quite elusive. A lot of great tools, apps and games have been created with it! For a reason! It's expressive. It's functional. It (can be) succinct and clean. It... matters!

Did you know you could create web... desktop... mobile... apps... games... funny running snippets... (or anything you imagine) with it?

Wanna example? Fine:


const runClock = () => {
const toNN = (val) => (parseInt(val) < 10 ? `0${val}` : val);
const getCurrentTime = () => {
const d = new Date();
return [d.getHours(), d.getMinutes(), d.getSeconds()].map(toNN).join(":");

const interval = setInterval(() =>
document.querySelector("#clock").innerText = getCurrentTime(),
// runClock() // press the button to see it

to see it...

10-line-clock-example. Fully functional. Displayed on your web page.

HOW many line of code do other languages require to do just this? This code does what it does. The clock can be upgraded quite easily. This code, ofcourse, can be improved or changed, depending on our needs.

Then what?

You are a beginner and/or still confused ?

Dive in the JS:BASICS part to learn more...

You'd like a few quick thoughts on the subject?

Check out the MICRO THOUGHTS space : )

You want to laugh a bit and learn a little something as an observer to imaginary (but very real) conversations?

Jump to the DIALOGUES section.

Want to see beautiful things and stuff in JavaScript?

Focus on the SHOWCASE section!

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Thank you for reaching the [INTRO's] end!

- AweSkyBear, 2023